The Point and Click Saga

Last Spring, we decided that it was time to consider a serious update and revamping of our website, knowing that it would be a big project that would take a lot of time. 

I'm sure you've seen several commercials on TV where the message is "point and click" and you'll have a new, wonderful website--in almost no time at all! Don't misunderstand me--I'm not putting down those website companies. I've seen some nice small sites that are very simple and tell visitors about the site and the services and/or products that are offered. My frustration is that a full-featured e-commerce site with more than a few products involves a lot more than what "point and click" implies. 

Putting together a new site for Lee Buchanan Jewelry has truly been a labor of love for both of us.  New photos of all 165 pieces have been taken. Four additional views of each piece will be added in the coming weeks. Beautiful Swarovski crystals are now used in nearly every piece where other crystals had been used before. The selection of our own Swarovski Pearl jewelry has been expanded. New birthstone hoop style earrings have been added. Other new items will be added in the near future.

We are moving our e-commerce store to a new web platform with a new template and a host of new features that will make the shopping experience much nicer for our valued customers.  New graphics will add to your overall shopping enjoyment and direct you to specific groups of jewelry, such as this one:

 I've transferred all of the blog posts to our new site. Our blog is a "family album" of sorts, as it reflects a timeline and history of Lee Buchanan Jewelry. 

Here are a few of the new products you'll find as you explore the new site:


         Light Rose Three Bead Silver Earrings                 Light Topaz Three Bead Silver Earrings 



          White Pearls and Cobalt Silver Pendant            White Pearls and Cobalt Silver Earrings



         Silver May Emerald Birthstone Earrings       Gold March Aquamarine Birthstone Earrings


The new site will be going "live" very soon--check our Facebook page for a "we're live!" notice. The products shown here are in the new site, but are not "linked" as yet.

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