About Jewelry

About Jewelry

In each of the Product Descriptions for our Timeless Artisan Designed jewelry you'll find a "Features" list that includes the key components of the piece--types of beads, gemstones and "findings".

Our Jewelry Glossary includes descriptions and images of many of the gemstones that we use. You'll find a direct link to the Glossary when a gemstone name is highlighted in the Product Description.

The term "jewelry findings" may be unfamiliar to some, so the following list may be helpful in understanding the various components of a necklace, bracelet, earrings or pendant.

Bail—a metal loop that attaches a pendant to the chain.

Bead Cap—a round, bowl-shaped piece of metal that is attached to one or both ends of a round bead that adds visual interest to the overall design.

Bead Wire—typically a cable with multiple stands of wire that give strength and flexibility to a necklace or bracelet.

Bugle Bead—a tube shaped glass bead that is usually part of the Seed Bead group.

Czech Glass Beads—Created in the Czech Republic and well known for high quality beads.

Clasp—a fastener that holds two pieces together. We generally use a metal spring ring clasp on necklaces and bracelets.

Crimp Bead or Tube—covers the beading wire near the clasp and permanently binds the wire together.It protects the wire, gives a finished look to the piece, and prevents hair or clothing from being snagged by the wire.

Druk Bead—Pressed glass round beads from the Czech Republic.

Ear Post or Stud—usually metal, used to create ear jewelry. Beads or small charms may be added to the front end, and an earnut is used on the back to hold the earring in place.

Ear Wire—a thin piece of wire used in ear jewelry. One end may have a ball or coil for attaching beads. Sometimes called a fish hook as it looks like an upside down fish hook.

Eye Pin—a length of straight wire with a loop at one end used in making various types of jewelry.

Finding—metal components used in connecting or assembling jewelry.

Fire-Polished—beads that are mechanically faceted, then polished by glazing in a very hot oven to soften the edges. Fire-polished beads usually come from the Czech Republic.

Headpin—a straight length of wire where one end is flattened or decorated. The flat end prevents beads from falling off the pin. Used in the assembly of various pieces of jewelry.

Jump Rings—metal rings, split in the middle, that attach various pieces together, such as beads hanging from an ear wire.

Seed Beads—very small beads of uniform shape used in various jewelry designs. Seed beads come in a very wide variety of colors and color blends.

Swarovski—Austrian manufacturer of leaded crystal glass, known worldwide for its color, brilliance and exceptional quality. We use many types of Swarovski beads, pearls and specialty shaped beads.

Contact Us if you have questions on any component listed in our Product Descriptions, and visit our Jewelry Glossary for interesting information on many of the gemstones that we use.