Delightful Seed Beads

Fancy Jasper Gold Hoop EarringsSeed beads in jewelry have existed for centuries and have been used all over the world for cultural and religious ornamentation as well as for trade. Glass-making in the Middle Ages was a highly secretive process, and glass makers faced death if they shared their secret processes outside of their immediate area. 

Today, most seed beads are produced in Japan and in Czechoslovakia. There are numerous shapes, sizes and colors. When most people hear "seed bead" they tend to think of small beads woven on a loom, and intricate designs featuring geometric shapes or floral designs. This use of seed beads is often referred to as "on loom". "Off loom" uses of seed beads may include seed beads sewn onto garments or used in jewelry as part of a unique artisan design.

The wide variety of seed bead size, shape and color appeals to Lee's artistic vision and design instincts. He has explored and incorporated various types of seed beads in his jewelry designs, combining the tiny beads with semi-precious stones like Black Onyx, beautiful Swarovski Pearls, and sparkling Swarovski Crystals. Seed beads will play an important role in Lee's next collection.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces that incorporate seed beads.

  Black Onyx, White Pearls and Bronze Rocaille Silver Necklace          Black Onyx, White Pearls and Bronze Rocaille Silver Bracelet         Black Onyx, White Pearls and Bronze Rocaille Silver Bracelet

        Black Onyx, White Pearls & Bronze Rocaille Silver Necklace, Bracelet & Earrings


     White Pearl Silver Hoop Earrings   Crystal and Moonstone Silver Hoop Earrings        Fancy Jasper Gold Hoop Earrings

    White Pearl Silver Earrings     Crystal & Moonstone Earrings      Fancy Jasper Earrings


Click on each of the above pieces and visit the product page where you can 'Zoom" into the product images to see the beauty and elegance that the seed beads add to each piece.

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