Goundhog Day 2018


    Punxstawney Phil

                         Punxstawney Phil, Pennsylvania's Famous Groundhog

Yes--it's Groundhog Day 2018!  February 2nd is also know as Candlemas Day--40 days after Christmas. According to German tradition, if a groundhog comes out of his quarters on this day and sees his shadow, he returns to his underground home for an additional six weeks of napping. If the day is cloudy he'll stay outside to enjoy the moderate weather. In Germany the badger was watched for his weather prediction. Early German settlers in Pennsylvania selected the groundhog for their February 2nd weather forecast.

Festivities on Groundhog Day are fun-filled events, and records tend to show that groundhog predictions are not entirely reliable. Our weather of late has varied a lot--cold windy days, like today, and then mild days when our feline assistant--Ginger--enjoys "porch privileges" and some time to soak up the sunshine.

                                         Ginger on the porch

                           Ginger waits to come in from the porch

If you're familiar with the movie "Groundhog Day", you know that the events of the day keep repeating, over and over--reminds me of the events we've experienced since the New Year began. Our over and over experiences have focused on technology. First it was Lee's computer, now it's my laptop. We replaced Lee's computer, and hopefully, by week's end, I'll be back to work on a new machine. 

Anyway, from our family to yours--Happy Groundhog Day!

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