June Birthstones

Our June Birthstone Jewelry features beautiful Swarovski White Pearls, and if your birthday is this month, Happy Birthday!

Birthstone Jewelry is a popular and thoughtful gift, not just for someone celebrating their birthday in June, but for anyone on your gift list. The bright and beautiful colors add sparkle to many outfits, and the lovely Swarovski Pearls in the June collection may add just the perfect touch to a favorite outfit. The White Pearls will add a special touch and will bring you many compliments on any occasion.

The idea of twelve gemstones for the twelve months dates to Biblical times. In the Old Testament Book of Exodus, the Breastplate of Aaron, a high priest, included twelve gemstones representing the twelve tribes of Israel. In the New Testament Book of Revelations, twelve gemstones are listed in the foundation of the New Jerusalem.

In 1870 the world-famous Tiffany's published a poem linking the months of the year with a birthstone. While the poem was likely a marketing promotion for the famous New York Jeweler, it has survived and is quoted today. The verse for June is: 

Who comes with Summer to this earth,

And owes to June her hour of birth,

With ring of Agate on her hand

Can health, wealth, and long life command.

And in 1912, the American Jewelry Association published a list of the monthly birthstones, which remain valid today and list Pearls as the contemporary selection for June.

Here are the newest pieces in our June Birthstone Jewelry Collection:

                  Pearl Three Bead June Birthstone Earrings               Pearl and Flower June Birthstone Earrings                      

              Pearl Three Bead Earrings         Pearl & Flower Earrings


                        June Silver Birthstone Pendant                         Silver June Birthstone Earrings

        Silver June Birthstone Pendant       Silver June Birthstone Earrings


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