Welcome to Part Three of the Spring Jewelry Supplies Series! In Part One I shared the arrival of the box with our Spring supply order. Part Two featured the Seed Beads in the order, and beautiful Swarovski Pearls will be the topic for Part Three. 

Spring has burst upon us here in south central Pennsylvania. I've been busy with clean-up work in the yard and the grass was cut for the first time this year. Our lilac bushes are in bloom--a much fuller display than we've had in the past few years.

As I was preparing to write this blog post, I searched within our web site for "Swarovski Pearls" and found over 300 product listings. Surprise! I knew we had a lot, and you're probably asking "why"? 

The number one reason Lee likes to design with Swarovski Pearls is their quality. Each Swarovski Pearl is consistent in shape, size and color snd complements other beads and semi-precious stones. Unlike "real" pearls, Swarovski Pearls will not chip, crack or be harmed by perfume, body oils or perspiration. The many colors available provide nearly limitless design possibilities. I've chosen a few selections that illustrate the great colors and designs possible with Swarovski Pearls.

Here are four stunning earring pairs in a variety of Swarovski Pearl Colors.


 Iridescent Green Pearls Gold  Earrings             Beige Pearls & Fire Polished Opal Gold Earrings


     Light Blue Pearls and Chain Silver Earrings          Copper Pearls and Twisted Gold Earrings


Shown below are two jewelry sets that combine Swarovski Pearls with semi-precious stones. The Rose Quartz and Light Grey Pearls Silver Set feature one of Panetone's two colors of the year: Rose Quartz.



Rose Quartz & Light Grey Pearls Set           Bright Gold Pearls, Tiger-eye & Black Onyx  Set


Two stunning Jewelry Sets designed with nothing but Swarovski Pearls--an attractive set with three different pearl colors and a traditional, classic set of all white pearls.


                    Copper, Dark Grey and White Pearls Silver Jewelry Set                      

   Copper, Dark Grey and White Pearls Silver Set                White Pearl Silver Jewelry Set


Jewelry made with Swarovski Pearls offers quality, beauty and a variety of color choices. Search our website for Swarovski Pearls and find you favorites!

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