Designing Thoughts

Designing Thoughts Lee M. Buchanan

Hello—I’m Lee M. Buchanan and I welcome you to my jewelry studio. Over the years I’ve pursued my interest in fine art painting, watercolors and photography, giving me the skills and experience needed to pursue jewelry design and craft artisan jewelry. How’s that you ask? Read on….

I started my artistic career learning fine art and painting. I dabbled in various mediums and watercolors became a prime interest. It challenged me as I gained experience learning how to use color, shape, texture and light to express my ideas in my paintings.

I also studied photography and worked in both Fine Art and Commercial photography. Jewelry Design followed, as a medium that combined all of my talents. My work as an artisan Jewelry Designer has evolved into my unique style.

My mind is always working, looking at the world. Seeing shapes and colors is a natural thing for me. A design or color combination comes to mind and I always carry a sketchbook to draw in for later use.

Using a sketch or working with gemstones, pearls and beads from an idea in my head, I start arranging the chosen materials to see what works as the piece comes together. A sketch may look great on paper but not in reality so I always work this way. I look at the piece under different light, leave it and come back to see if I’m still happy with it.

Great jewelry reflects uniqueness, good design, functionality and, of course, quality. Our gemstones, beads, Swarovski crystals and all materials are purchased from reputable suppliers who meet our standards for quality and fair pricing, and we share our savings with you.

My taste in jewelry is for a more classic, traditional style. I love the look of art nouveau and art deco jewelry and incorporate those styles in my designs in my own way. I have always found inspiration for my designs from the jewelry my mother liked to wear, and from my wife Barbara and her mother.

Barbara and I like to call our jewelry heirloom jewelry, because it may be handed down from mother to daughter as families did in the past.

My designs resonate with a more sophisticated woman who knows what she likes and loves to wear jewelry to match her taste and style.

Women today have great careers but tell me it’s hard to find good jewelry to wear in the office where they spend so much time each day. Weekends and casual times call for versatile jewelry, and special dressy occasions also need the right jewelry.

We feel that our jewelry may help you in several ways.

Our well-built beautiful jewelry is light and comfortable to wear and tastefully designed for any occasion.

Nearly every piece of our jewelry--bracelets, earrings, necklaces and pendants--will have other pieces that match or complement a specific piece you've chosen. This makes it easy for you to coordinate style and color to work with as much of your wardrobe as possible.

“Timeless Artisan Designed Jewelry crafted with color and style®” is not just our tag line, it embodies all that we do.

We are a family-owned business, and you know whom you’re dealing with when doing business with us. We guarantee our work.

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