As I opened the bedroom drapes on Sunday, January 24th this was the scene that greeted me. The snow was even with the top of the birdbath and a white snow cone filled the water bowl. The photo below first appeared in the January 2014 blog. Compare the size of the metal post above the ground in each photo. 



The driveway (flat area at bottom of photo) had been cleared before another six inches fell, giving us an average of 26 inches.



                                                                       At the foot of the steps.


                          The steps were a challenge to shovel, but the mission was accomplished! 

Now that our clean-up is finished, it's back to a more "normal" routine! Looking ahead, we have Groundhog Day on February 2nd--an honored tradition in Pennsylvania!  Valentine's Day is February 14th, and we invite you to visit our Valentine's Day Gift Guide on our website.

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