Planning, Goal-setting, and participating in a Pinterest Challenge have consumed the first couple weeks of the new year. Planning and setting goals in January are pretty common practices for any business that operates on a calendar-year basis and typically involves reviewing the past year's events, milestones, revenue and overall success. Even before the new year began, we had decided to participate in a Pinterest Challenge for several reasons. 

First, it's a visual social media site, and jewelry is a visual product. Second, Lee, as an artist, views the world and his particular interests, in a  visual way. And third, we wanted to explore Pinterest and discover if Pinterest fans would like us, re-pin our images and follow our boards.

The particular challenge we're doing lasts twelve weeks, with estimated milestones for the number of boards, pins, re-pins and followers. The analytics that Pinterest provides for those with a business account are good, and we opted for a second analytics resource to provide additional information. 

If you're a Pinterest user, we invite you to visit our Lee Buchanan Jewelry boards and give us your feedback in the comment section below.

While Lee has been busy with the visual aspect of Pinterest, I've worked on the descriptions of our jewelry that appear in most of the boards, as well as the boards that feature our specific jewelry collections. Although the product descriptions on our website can be almost any length, descriptions on Pinterest are limited to 500 characters. So I've been editing the descriptions of our products that we pinned to our boards. 

We've also compiled our Valentine's Day Gift Guide on the web site, and Lee has a lovely Valentine's Day Board on Pinterest. Visit both and get the Valentine's spirit!

Here are a few of my favorites from our Valentine's Day Gift Guide:  



Night Out On The Town Silver Earrings                     Black, Red, Gold and Crystal Gold Earrings


Red Magma Heart and Crystal Bicone Silver Pendant       Siam Heart and Crystal Silver Earrings


Outside the studio window the local deer were visiting and nibbling on the grass adjacent to the woods. In the past we've assumed that they visited the bird bath for a drink--it is sometimes knocked over with clearly visible deer tracks in the flower bed. But last week we saw a deer enjoying a drink and Lee was able to catch some of the action:


Deer At The Birdbath

                                         Deer At The Birdbath

Deer Nibbling Grass

                                         Deer Nibbling Grass

Deer Herd Grazaing

                                          Deer Herd Grazing

Deer In The Distance

                                       Deer In The Distance

Although the deer do "enjoy" the flowers in season, they are welcome to the grass year-round! If we get the snow forecast for the end of this week, the grass will disappear for a bit.

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