“You need to have a blog.” Oh how many times I’ve heard or read that. Strikes the same note as “diet and lose 30 pounds in two weeks”.

I retired from my “corporate” job in June 2013, and cheerfully made my mental list of all the things I now would have lots of “time” to do—including the blog. Somehow, I forgot what other retirees—without exception—had told me: “I don’t know how I had time to work.” Well, they were right.

We had carefully planned several home improvement type projects—three to be done by contractors and two we would do ourselves. Well, the first three are done, and our two remain to be started—and finished—before cold weather sets in. We live in Lancaster County in south central Pennsylvania. The leaves are falling, we’ve had a couple days of heavy rain, and two trees were sneaky and fell without a sound between breakfast and the last cup of coffee this morning. Another chore.

Did I mention we have wonderful felines that are part of the family? They are all “indoor” cats, although they relish and enjoy our large, screened porch that overlooks the valley. They are entertained by flocks of birds, passing deer that come to enjoy the “Buchanan Buffet”, frolicking squirrels and an occasional rabbit.

Jewelry—that’s the main focus of my blog. My husband Lee is a self-taught artist and designer. His eye for balance and color is evident in every piece of Buchanan Family jewelry. Lee designs and makes every piece—everything is handcrafted. My role (other than the blog!) includes the “office” stuff–purchasing supplies, inventory, keeping the books, helping our customers, maintaining our web site and delving into a blog and social media. Like I said at the beginning—how did I ever have time to work?

What’s ahead? Obviously, lots of stuff about jewelry—types of beads, gemstones, pearls, metals, gift suggestions, holiday ideas, and new product specials mentioned here first.

Here are images for our featured Fall Jewelry





And, since Lee and I are “real” people, our daily adventures, both at home and in our business, will be part of the blog. We welcome you as blog followers, perhaps customers, and certainly friends joining us in our adventures.

Share your comments, and join the fun. There—I said it—the Blog will be fun!