Lee and I are sometimes asked how we chose names for the many pieces in our Buchanan Family Jewelry collections. Hmmm….an interesting question!

As a fine-art painter, Lee will choose a title for his work based on the location of the scene, the name of the lighthouse (we’re lighthouse fans), the season, or perhaps a special feeling for that particular work.

Along the way, we’ve also come to the conclusion that we have a strong dislike for commercials that make you guess what’s being advertised, and why would we buy the item based on that commercial?

So, our approach to naming our jewelry pieces has a few basic guidelines:

•Tell the customer what the piece includes—name of the stone, type of bead.

•Be sure to include the color or colors that are prominent in the piece.

•Name the metal used for stringing or the findings—silver plated, sterling silver, gold-filled, etc.

•For those pieces with a variety of stones, beads or colors, be creative with the name, but always include “gold” or “silver” at the end of the name.

The vast majority of our piece names include the first three points above—our Red Jasper and Ching Hai Jade Gold Jewelry Set is a good example. You know from the name what colors and stones are featured, and if you’re searching for that kind of jewelry, your search on the web, or on our website, will help you find products that you’ll like—and possibly purchase.


Red Jasper and Ching Hai Jade Jewelry Set

Now for the last point above—the one where being creative comes into play. I found nine pieces on our web site that have creative names. Summer Honey Gold is a good example. This piece has four colors and two types of beads. To me, the Gold beads are dominant, and I could envision wearing this on a summer day stroll along the Boardwalk of a Mid-Atlantic beach. Thus—Summer Honey Gold became the name!

Summer Honey Gold Jewelry Set

Another piece with a creative name is our Sunflower Silver Jewelry Set. When Lee first showed me the necklace, he said he was thinking of a bumblebee when he chose the Black Onyx, Snow Quartz and Swarovski Sunflower Bicone beads. Somehow, I wasn’t sure Bumble Bee jewelry would appeal to our customers, but the Sunflower bicones got my attention. We have lots of Amish farms here in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and many of them include several rows of sunflowers in their gardens or along the edge of a field. I also enjoy sunflower seeds as a snack!

Sunflower Silver Jewelry Set

Our Rainbow Delight Silver Jewelry Set includes twelve different colors of Fire-polished beads—what better name than Rainbow Delight? This set also includes Opal Rondelles in the bracelet and earrings.

Rainbow Delight Silver Jewelry Set

One little note about searching on our web site—each of our Jewelry Sets includes a necklace, bracelet and earrings. Each piece within the set is available as a separate item. Sets all begin with BFJSet, Necklaces with NK, Bracelets with BR and Earrings with EARR. You can enter the numbers and letters that come after the NK, BR, etc. in the search box and see all of the pieces in that set. Handy!

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