At the moment, we’re offering 108 Jewelry Sets on our website. Each set contains a necklace, bracelet and a pair of earrings. Loyal customers tell us they feel the three piece sets offer versatility and the price is right!

I recently read a fashion article where the author advised professional business women to avoid jewelry sets. Why? The “rule of three” was noted, saying no more than three pieces of jewelry were appropriate for business attire—including only one ring. Anything more would be excessive.

With all due respect to rules in general, I’m inclined to break a few now and then. Yes, every workplace has rules, either written or implied. And women in business are aware of their workplace culture. I experienced various corporate cultures in my business career.

My personal approach is conservative dress for the situation, and to be sure that my appearance reflected my responsibility to the company, customers and my staff. My jewelry choices—in addition to two rings—included earrings and frequently a necklace. I liked to wear a bracelet for social events when writing or keyboard entry was not necessary.

So—why are Jewelry Sets a perfect accessory? Consider the following:

•You choose a set based on what you like and the image you want to convey.

•The overall style, colors and design reflect you.

•You choose the individual pieces that will work for the occasion.

•You can mix and match the pieces within your wardrobe for extra versatility.

The necklace and earrings from the set will likely be a great combination for many of your business outfits, while the earrings and bracelet will be a perfect match for a dressy outfit.

Some of our sets have a perfect match in all three pieces—all of the same style, shape or size of beads and stones.

Turquoise and Coral Pearl Silver Jewelry Set

Others, especially those with a wide variety of colors and beads, will include earrings that complement the set rather than featuring a 100% perfect match.

Green Agate, Tiger-eye, Fire Opal and Green Aventurine Gold Jewelry Set

Some of our other earrings are not part of a set, but offer the opportunity to mix and match with sets featuring the same stones. As an example, the earrings below

Black Onyx and Tiger-eye Gold Earrings

will also work well with these three sets:

Pearls, Black Onyx and Tiger-eye Gold Jewelry Set

Shades of Earth Gold Jewelry Set

Bright Gold Pearls, Tiger-eye and Black Onyx Gold Jewelry Set

Fashion trends come and go, and frequently tend to come back again. Including sets in your jewelry collection will add versatility to your wardrobe and provide you the opportunity to always have a new and different look.

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