Beautiful Aquamarine is the Birthstone for March. Aquamarine is a natural stone, blue-green in color and rare and expensive in today's marketplace.  

Birthstone meanings have a long and varied history. Aquamarine is believed to promote good health, youth, love and hope, courage and happiness. Sailors carried an Aquamarine talisman with the likeness of Neptune in ancient times to protect against dangers at sea.   

Birthstone jewelry is treasured by many and has been popular at our shows. The lovely colors and delicate designs of our Birthstone Pendants and Earrings make Birthstone Jewelry a favorite in our Everyday Essentials Collection. One mother and daughter chose several sets of the various pendant and earrings for the bridesmaids in the daughter's Spring Wedding. The bridesmaid's gowns were different pastel colors and selections from the Birthstone group provided a perfect color match. 

Our March Birthstone Jewelry features lovely Fire-polished Light Aquamarine, stunning Swarovski White Pearls, and your choice of quality gold or silver findings.

Shown below are our Gold March Birthstone Pendant and Earrings.

                                                   Gold March Birthstone Pendant


                                                     Gold March Birthstone Earrings


Our Birthstone Jewelry is part of the Everyday Essentials Collection and is a perfect addition to your jewelry collection or to give as a gift! I'll be featuring each month's birthstone here in the blog.

You'll find additional information about Aquamarine and many other gemstones in our Jewelry Glossary.

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