A popular benefit that is greatly appreciated by our customers is the "Mix and Match" functionality in each of our jewelry collections. The Pearls Collection offers both white and colored pearls combined with gold or silver to satisfy our customer's preferences.

White pearls are a classic favorite, and the Pearl Collection includes White Pearl Earrings, Pendants, a Necklace and a Bracelet. Here are three of the White Pearl pieces:

    White Pearl Silver Earrings  White Pearl Silver Pendant    White Pearl Necklace

               White Pearls Earrings, Pendant and Necklace

Colored Pearls are contemporary favorites and the Pearl Collection features Light Grey, Bright Gold and Black colored pearls:

       Bright Gold Pearl Bracelet       Black Pearl Earrings   

Bright Gold Pearl Bracelet, Black  Pearl Earrings, Light Grey Pearl Pendant


Pearls are always in style and will add a special touch to many outfits for business, casual, and special occasion wear. Pearls are a favorite of mine, and are always a customer favorite at our shows and on our website. We use Swarovski Pearls in all of our Pearl pieces. Visit the Pearl Collection and pick your favorites!

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