Today is President's Day in the USA and it's snowing outside at the moment, with sleet, freezing rain and then rain in the forecast for later today and tonight. For me, President's Day brings back memories of my American History teachers in junior and senior high school. Both men were excellent teachers, both were passionate about the subject, and both were very different in regards to their personality and how they taught. But both were 100% dedicated to the traditions and importance of their subject matter. 

I found an interesting tidbit in one of my e-mails this morning that got me thinking about President's Day and our Jewelry Collections--an odd combination, I know. The blog mentioned that Panetone had released their "Top 10 Colors for Fall". 

As jewelry designers, it's in our best interest to be aware of trends, and Panetone is certainly an "expert" where color trends are concerned. But, I thought--colors for Fall? We just had Valentine's Day, it's President's Day, the first day of Spring is still weeks away and it's snowing! I know color trends are forecast months in advance, but I'm tuned in to the reality of today!

The Fall colors include a variety of lovely subtle shades--most of which you'll find in our Lee Buchanan Jewelry Collections. Leatrice Eiseman, the Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, gave the rationale for the color choices: "With all the angst that's out there in the ether and in the world around us, there is a need for more calming colors." 

Panetone may view the colors as "calming"; to me the colors are calming, expressive, timeless and traditional: all of the characteristics embodied within our Jewelry Collections. 

We recently added new images to the covers of our Jewelry Boards on Pinterest, so the subject of our Jewelry Collections is very current in my mind. While each of the collections is unique, all share a timeless quality. The colors will always be "in style", and the designs are timeless, not trendy. 

Here are the collection images, with a short explanation for each.

                                                                 Elegant Essentials Collection

The Elegant Essentials Collection features beautiful beads and often semi-precious stones. These designs often require careful hand-selecting the stones to match within the design. The small, delicate stones found in a lot of pieces in this collection demand constant attention to detail. You’ll wear these pieces when you want to be seen and stand out with your unique fashion statement.

                                    Inspired Essentials Collection

The Inspired Essentials Collection is where Lee comes to have fun as a jewelry designer, creating high-quality, colorful combinations to tell an exhilarating and at times romantic story we think you’ll love.

                                      Everyday Essentials Collection

The Everyday Essentials Collection is a popular and fashionable line of jewelry that meets the need of the essential core jewelry collection. Comfortable, easy to wear and made to last are frequent customer comments. Everyday Essentials Jewelry is appropriate for business dress, casual wear, and just about any occasion you chose.

Thanks for joining us on President's Day. We value the time you spent here!


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