Birdbath Garden

January has been a COLD month here in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. We’ve had snow, freezing rain, snow, the Polar Vortex, more snow, and lots of single digit temperatures.

Deer in the Woods

Our four cats have cabin fever. Their normal morning routine after breakfast–when the temps are above freezing–includes a short time on our large screened porch, and then another opportunity in the early afternoon, when the temperatures are a bit warmer, the sun is shining and there’s little or no wind. But the cold temps have kept them inside, and mischief has been on the increase!

Quiet snow days do offer the opportunity to plan for the year ahead. In my pre-retirement days, January and February meant budget reviews and making plans for the next fiscal year. This year, I’m enjoying some early planning for my flower garden areas. The birdbath spot above features a colorful selection of annuals by mid-May.

The new year has brought a variety of small business planning and training opportunities. While we’ve always reviewed the recent business year and made plans for the year ahead, my in-box this month has been nearly overflowing with opportunities to consider. We made our choice, and will be participating in a six-week, online program starting next week. Lee and I are looking forward to a new challenge, all from the comfort of our home, and without winter travel worries!

January Snow

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Until next time–Keep warm!

Waiting for Spring

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