Spring Soliloquy--May 2, 2014

Daffodils in Bloom

It’s Spring. Almost like turning a switch, the winter snows ended and Spring arrived. Little green shoots started appearing. The winter cleanup beckoned, and little by little, the fallen limbs and a multitude of small branches were methodically picked up or raked, and moved to a designated spot in our woods.

After an especially hard and cold winter, the signs of Spring were a welcome sight to see.

Springtime Color!

 May Apples in the Woods

Last summer we had attended Bead Fest Philadelphia—a major East Coast Bead Show. Bead Fest also holds a smaller Spring Show in April, also in the Philadelphia area. We looked forward to visiting the show—a combination of relief from “cabin fever” during the winter, and an opportunity to check out some favorite vendors and see what was new. The Philly Expo Center in Oaks, PA is a convenient 90 minute drive for us. Lee found some favorite stones as well as some exciting treasures for upcoming collections.

Bead Show Treasures

Our family felines have also welcomed Springtime with warmer temperatures and bright sunny days to enjoy the screened porch. Each one has their own, very distinct personality. Each morning they cooperate to wake us up. Once fed, they enjoy the porch, weather permitting, and then find a good spot for a morning nap.

Spike–Mr. Mischief


Miss Ginger–No running in the House!

Maggie–I want to be petted Now.

Amy–I am an independent woman.

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