All Things Spring--May 29,2014

Every year, planting the annual flowers in our flowerbeds is one of my Spring Priorities. This year was no exception. When the first hint of Spring arrived, I strolled about outside, pen and paper in hand. I know what we like, as well as what the deer like to nibble on.

I made notes on transplanting daffodils that did not bloom this year to a better location free of expanding tree roots. Some of the hosta plants were ready to be dug up and separated and then planted in a few empty spots. I estimated how many of each type of plant would be needed.


Last Friday, Lee and I headed to our favorite garden center. With my list in hand, making my selections did not take very long. After lunch, it was time to start. I enjoy the planting process—preparing the bed for planting takes the most work, and the fun begins as each plant is carefully placed. The rest of the long Memorial Day holiday was spent balancing gardening with tending to business. By mid-afternoon on Monday, the work was done. Now I’ll enjoy a colorful scene each time I look outside!

Top of The Hill: Holly, Daylillies, Hostas and Vinca

Newly planted Vinca

Hostas and Polka Dot Plants

In past years, we’ve had a few determined birds attempt to build a nest under our screened porch. While I don’t know the correct name for the species, Lee has always called them the “mud birds”, as they made a real mess in front of the garage doors. This year, one succeeded in building a nest, and we now have a tiny chirping bird. Our cats know “something” is under the porch floor, and they are intent on sitting, listening, and smelling the unknown.

Bird Nest -A-


Bird Nest -B-

Bird Nest -C-


Nest -D-

Can you identify the bird? Let us know!

The cats are also enjoying springtime and finding new ways to get into mischief. Spike (Mr. Mischief) and Amy (The Determined Woman) entertained Lee in his Jewelry Studio and this humorous collage of photos was the result:

Jewelry Studio Cats–Spike and Amy

Lee has been busy with new jewelry designs and came into my office with a new piece a short time ago. We’ll have new collections and pieces to share on our website and in our Etsy shop as well. Our web stores will undergo some changes, and we’re looking forward to sharing them with you! Do you have suggestions? New jewelry you’d like to see? Let us know!

Work in Progress

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