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The fashion and home decor markets carefully follow the color forecasts that are issued twice each year. The trend-setting colors appear in all of the fashion and home decor publications, guiding and encouraging consumers to shop for the very latest colors.

As jewelry designers, makers and entrepreneurs, it’s in our best interest to be aware of these color trends. The current Spring and Summer Color Forecast includes 24 colors, while the Fall and Winter Forecast has 25 colors. What do these forecasts have in common?

As I study the color pallets, I see a range of basic colors in light, medium and dark hues, with an emphasis on bright tones for Spring and Summer, and more muted tones for the upcoming Fall and Winter seasons. Many of the colors have catchy names, which may, or may not, give you a clue to mentally visualize the color.

As a designer, Lee has his own, unique color pallet that includes colors that not only work well together from a design standpoint, but are colors that will compliment a wide variety of wardrobes and skin tones.

"Timeless Jewelry Design" is not just our tagline-- it’s our purpose and mission. Our jewelry is for the everyday woman who appreciates style, quality and value.

Here are some of our current Jewelry Sets that blend with colors in the Spring and Summer Forecast. Enjoy!

Air Blue Opal and Tanzanite Gold Set–-Blue Hues

Amazonite, Fire Polished Crystal and Chrysolite Silver Set–-Light Green Hues

Black Onyx, Coral and Green Aventurine Silver Set–-Light Green and Terracotta Hues

 Amethyst, Olivine, Silver and White Pearls Silver Set–Ultramarine and Green Hues

 Carnelian and Green Aventurine Gold Set-–Red and Green Hues

 Peach, Lavender, Light Rose and Amethyst Silver Set–-Pink and Rose Hues

 Golden Delight Gold Set–-Yellow Hues

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