Daylily In Bloom

One afternoon last week, Lee and I were working in his Studio, reviewing images on the computer. Taking a short break, I got up and looked out the window. There was movement in the flowerbed under the tree about 20 feet from the window. At first, I thought it was a dog, but quickly realized it was a young fawn!

The Fawn

Fawn Near the Porch


Approaching the Flowerbed

We frequently have deer on the property, and each year we usually see several mothers with one or more fawns. But this fawn was alone. It started to rain, and the fawn ran towards the woods in front of the house. After a brief shower, the sun came out, and Lee grabbed the camera and went outside.

At the Flowerbed

The fawn came back, and strolled into the flowerbed adjacent to the front porch. We could see it licking water off of the daylily leaves, but it was not nibbling. As the afternoon turned into evening, the fawn was still lying among the daylilies, and there was no sign of Mama. Around 11 pm that night, Lee went out with a flashlight, and the little fawn was neatly tucked in among the daylilies.

Against The Porch Rails

Snuggled In

We went to bed hoping that Mama would find her fawn before morning. There was a brief thunderstorm overnight, and when morning came, Lee fed our cats and went outside to look in the flowerbed. The fawn was not there, and we were relieved! Later in the week we saw two mothers and two fawns in the clearing in the woods behind the house. Both fawns were nibbling grass and their mothers appeared to be keeping very close watch on them!

Inside the Studio, Lee has been busy completing our new Jewelry Collection and expanding our popular Everyday Basics group of earrings. Here are a few of the pieces that are part of the new collection we expect to launch later this summer.  Follow our Blog and like us on Facebook and you’ll be sure to know when the Collection is available!

Elegant Black and White Jewelry Set

Coral, Crystal and Turquoise Silver Bracelet

Amethyst, Coral Pink and Lavender Silver Earrings

Tiger-eye and Palace Green Opal Gold Necklace

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