'Tis the season for Happy Holidays! November was a busy month, with three local shows that included four days of greeting and helping customers. Comments and feedback from customers is certainly an integral and valuable part of doing a show.

A few of the comments:  

"This looks like the jewelry I saw in the Jewelry Store." 

"He really knows how to design jewelry women like!"

(And this one overheard in the hall from a man whose wife had been admiring our earrings, but left without making a purchase--pulled away by the husband.)

"For what they cost, I've got wire and buttons to make you some."

With the Fall Shows and a family wedding behind us, December is here and our Holiday Specials have begun. You'll find the Holiday Specials hereas well as a link on our home page.

Our entire selection of earrings are on sale now through December 6th. At 15% off, now is the time to selection the perfect pair for a holiday gift. We featured our new Birthstone Earrings and Pendants at the Fall Shows, and the Birthstone Collection was a customer favorite. 

Here are two of the Birthstone Earrings and other customer favorites:

Silver February Birthstone Earrings             Gold June Birthstone Earrings             Pale Gold and Silver Chrome Gold and Silver Earrings

Silver February Birthstone Earrings   Gold June Birthstone Earrings  Pale Gold & Silver Chrome 



Light Grey Pearls and Chain         Black Onyx and Tiger-Eye         Gold Ovals and Black Onyx                                                                                                                                                                                                    

I wore the Light Grey Pearls above with our Light Grey Pearl Chain Necklace during a recent show and paired the Black Onyx and Tiger-eye Gold Earrings with a Gold Pearl Chain Necklace at our final show of the season. 

Earrings make a perfect gift, and all of our earrings come in a white jewelry box with a gold or silver stretch bow. Shop our Holiday Specials and save on earrings this week!

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Barbara Buchanan blogs on Life and Adventures as Entrepreneurs