Fall “officially” arrived last month, but the reality of Fall arrived early this week, as the leaves continue to fall, the squirrels dash about hiding nuts, the deer come to sample the remaining tasty greens in the flowerbeds, and the weather forecast boldly predicted the first “freeze alert” of the season. Such is life in the Pennsylvania countryside.

Inside, we’ve been busy preparing to launch our Fall Jewelry Collections, update our web site, and finalize our booth layouts for our holiday shows--see our show schedule. Earlier this year we introduced our collections—Everyday Essentials, Inspired Essentials and Elegant Essentials.

Lee has expanded the Everyday Essentials Collection, and we’ll be featuring those pieces at our upcoming shows. Many of the “Everyday” pieces are shown on our home page in the “New” section. Check it out!

A lovely group of Chain Necklaces is part of the Everyday Essentials group. Each necklace features one or more beautiful crystal beads, Swarovski Pearls or semi-precious stones on a fashionable Figure Eight or Figaro Chain in gold or silver to add just the right touch to many of your favorite outfits. 

    Black Onyx Necklace                Iridescent Green Pearls                Lt. Rose, Smoke & Pearls


Several new pendants have also been added to the Everyday Essentials group. Since I’m partial to blue, here’s my favorite with earrings to match.


  Midnight Blue Silver Pendant         Midnight Blue Silver Dangle Earrings                                                                                            

I’ve always been fond of jewelry pieces that match—a great confidence builder especially when you’re running late and dress in a hurry! There are fourteen new necklaces in the Everyday Essentials Collection, most have one or more earring pairs that match or complement the necklace. One of my favorites in this group is Earth Tones and Pearls Gold Necklace and Earrings. The necklace and earrings are a great choice for the fall season, and complement a variety of outfits.


Earth Tones and Pearls Gold Necklace              Earth Tones and Pearls Gold Dangle Earrings                                                                                          

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Barbara Buchanan blogs on Life and Adventures as Entrepreneurs